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Posted on in DUI

drunk driving, Lake County criminal defense attorneyIt is easy to blame things such as entertainment and the media for the way drunk driving is portrayed and at times glamorized in our society. There is no denying that underage drivers in particular often see buzzed driving, which is a form of driving under the influence, as an acceptable thing--something everyone does, therefore it must not be a serious crime.

It Could Happen to You

The real problem is rooted in our perception of the crime, however. It is not uncommon for offenders of all ages and walks of life to view arrests associated with drunk driving as something that happens to everyone else, but not to them. Only when they are pulled over and arrested for the crime themselves do they understand the severity of the offense.


Posted on in DUI

suspension, Illinois law, Illinois criminal defense attorneyNearly everyone understands the driving under the influence is against the law, and a DUI conviction can lead to serious criminal consequences. What many may not realize, however, is that certain administrative penalties may also be imposed by the state, regardless of the outcome of DUI criminal proceedings. The most significant of such penalties is the statutory summary suspension of driving privileges which, in Illinois, is handled by the Office of the Secretary of State.

When Suspensions May Be Imposed

If you have been pulled over on suspicion of DUI, there are several situations in which you could automatically have your driver’s license suspended. The length of the statutory suspension is dependent on your choices and your previous history of DUI-related suspensions. Your license will be automatically suspended if you:

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