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Drug Possession

Fighting Drug Possession Charges for Clients in Buffalo Grove, Long Grove and Lincolnshire

If you are facing charges for drug possession, it is time to examine your legal options. As a criminal defendant, you have rights that must be protected. You will need an experienced Lake County drug possession lawyer to fight for you and your rights. Attorney Matthew R. Gebhardt has over 20 years of legal practice, and has successfully defended countless Lake County residents against drug possession charges.

Prosecutors are aggressively going after drug possession cases, and trying to rack up drug convictions. As a former prosecutor, defense lawyer Matthew R. Gebhardt knows exactly how the state attorneys handle these cases. He will put that insider knowledge to use in your case, and can maneuver the criminal justice system as your advocate. The The Law Offices of Matthew R. Gebhardt, P.C. serve clients in Buffalo Grove, Long Grove, Lincolnshire and throughout Lake County

Drug Possession Charges in Illinois

There are many drug possession charges defined under Illinois state law. The amount and type of drug the defendant actually possessed determines the charge he or she will face. Additionally, the amount and type of drug will determine whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony. Generally, misdemeanors are punishable by less than one year in jail or no jail time, while felonies are punishable by one year or more in jail. Drug possession of any amount of heroin, cocaine, morphine, LSD or any other narcotics without a prescription is a felony in Illinois. Possession and distribution of any amount of marijuana in Illinois is illegal and can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the quantity involved.

Experienced Legal Help for Drug Possession Charges

With over 20 years of experience, Matthew R. Gebhardt knows how to defend even the toughest drug possession cases. First, he will talk to you during a free consultation and get the facts. Next, Attorney Gebhardt will analyze your circumstances and examine the evidence against you. Given his experience as a former prosecutor, he knows the right questions to ask to determine whether your rights were violated. Did the police have probable cause to search you and seize anything? If not, the evidence against you may be thrown out, and your case may be dismissed.

Even if your case is not initially dismissed our Buffalo Grove drug possession lawyer has the legal knowledge and experience to put together a creative and effective strategy with the goal of a successful defense. He will communicate directly with you and personally respond to your questions about your legal options. If you are facing drug possession charges in Lake County, contact Matthew R. Gebhardt for a free consultation. Call 773-383-8745 or 847-239-4703 today.

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