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Skilled Representation for Your Child in Lake County

Due to the level of technology which now exists, it may be easier than ever for a teenager to procure a fake identification card. Most any teen with a laptop and some cash can access a fake ID, simply by filling out a form, uploading their photo and sending in cash. Unfortunately, few teens understand the seriousness of the crime, believing the penalties are minor—basically equal to that of a parking ticket.

If your teen has been charged with using a fraudulent identification card, it is important you contact a knowledgeable juvenile offense attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Matthew R. Gebhardt is a skilled negotiator and litigator, and understands the necessity of advocating aggressively for teens charged with a felony offense. Our Northbrook juvenile crimes lawyer will stand solidly by your child’s side during this difficult time and will seek to convince the courts that this was nothing more than a one-time error in judgment which does not deserve harsh penalties.

The Serious Nature of Possessing a Fake Identification Card

Most teenagers are not aware that possessing a fake ID can be charged as a felony offense in the state of Illinois, subject to a potential prison sentence as well as other penalties and consequences. The courts could make your teen pay a fine as high as $500 or serve 50 hours of community service. Your teen could also find him/herself without a driver’s license; any plea or finding of guilt for the crime of possessing a fake identification card will result in the a suspension/revocation from the Illinois Secretary of State. Repeat offenders will be subject to even harsher sentences.

Further, should your teen be found guilty of possessing a false identification card, that fact could be reflected on the teen’s record permanently, accessible to colleges and potential employers. Parents, who may have had their own fake ID’s in their youth, may also not realize the seriousness of the crime in today’s identity-theft filled world. The rationale for having a false identification card for most students is to either get into a bar or club, or purchase alcohol, however there are other situations in which teens may be caught using a false or fraudulent ID, such as:

  • Allowing another person to use your real identification card;
  • Using someone else’s identification card;
  • Getting some type of social benefits through using a false ID;
  • Having a fake driver’s license in your possession; and
  • Gambling in a casino with a fake ID.

Manufacturing Fake Identification Cards in Illinois

Teens may also find themselves in trouble for making and distributing false identification cards to others. Under Illinois law, it is a felony offense to take part in manufacturing, duplicating, selling or transferring a false identification card. Even possessing a device which allows you to make a fake ID is a criminal offense. Advertising that you can provide others with a false identification card is a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by fines and possible jail time. If your teen was in possession of a false identification card for the express purposes of committing theft, committing credit card fraud, obtaining a credit card, committing a felony or obtaining another type of ID, enhanced penalties may be applicable.

How Attorney Matthew R. Gebhardt Can Help Your Child

At the The Law Offices of Matthew R. Gebhardt, P.C. we believe that your child should not suffer long-term consequences for making a one-time mistake. Attorney Gebhardt will work zealously to negotiate or downgrade your child’s charges of possession of a false identification card with a goal of minimizing the potential penalties and avoiding a permanent criminal record. Our Illinois juvenile crimes lawyer understands that you are facing one of the most difficult situations a parent can face, and that you are understandably anxious about your child’s future. Contact our law office today at 773-383-8745 or 847-239-4703 for a free initial consultation.

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