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Seasoned Attorney Defending Credit Card Fraud Charges in Lake County

As technology continues to develop, the crime of credit card fraud has become more and more common. The State of Illinois takes the crime of credit card fraud very seriously and has recently increased the penalties associated with the white collar crime. The cloning of credit cards is the most prevalent type of fraud committed in this area and is responsible for over a third of all charges. Cloning a credit card can occur when a credit card is swiped, the data is stored, then transferred to a fake credit card. Stolen credit cards account for about 20 percent of fraud cases related to credit cards, while the theft of credit cards from a mailbox account for about seven percent of credit card cases.

It is important to speak to a knowledgeable credit card fraud attorney as soon as you have been charged with the crime. The sooner your attorney can begin investigating your case and gathering evidence, the better chance you will have a positive outcome. The The Law Offices of Matthew R. Gebhardt, P.C. has a thorough understanding of all issues associated with your charges of credit card fraud. We believe that if you made a one-time mistake or error in judgment, the remainder of your life should not be forever altered because of that mistake. Matthew Gebhardt fights hard for his clients and will do the same for you. As a former Cook County prosecutor, our Lake County criminal lawyer can see your charges from both sides, allowing him to offer you a more comprehensive representation.

Illinois Credit Card Fraud Charges

There are a number of acts which can lead to your being charged with the crime of credit card fraud including the following:

  • Possession or use of a credit card belonging to another with the intention to defraud;
  • Making untrue statements in order to procure a credit card;
  • Selling a debit or credit card belonging to another person;
  • Using a counterfeit, expired, revoked or forged credit or debit card;
  • Using another person’s account number with the intention to defraud;
  • Counterfeiting or altering a credit card; and
  • Possessing another person’s record of charges.

Penalties for a Conviction of Credit Card Fraud

Serious punishments are handed down to those found guilty of credit card fraud. If convicted, your punishment will hinge on how many victims were harmed, any prior fraud convictions, the dollar amount of the crime, and the specific fraud crime committed. The majority of credit card offenses are charged as a Class 4 felony, with a potential punishment of one to three years in the state penitentiary and a fine as large as $25,000. With a felony conviction, you could find it difficult to secure employment in the future and could have many more adverse repercussions as well.

Defenses to Your Charges of Credit Card Fraud

Your exact defense will depend on the circumstances surrounding your charges, however your credit card fraud attorney may choose to use one of the following defenses on your behalf:

  • You did not knowingly use, possess or sell a credit card belonging to another person with specific intent to defraud (i.e., your state of mind at the time).
  • You had no knowledge the credit or debit card was stolen and did not intend to use it in an illegal manner.
  • You are a victim of mistaken identity.
  • Evidence of credit card fraud seized from your home or place of business was done so in violation of your Fourth Amendment rights.

If a computer was involved in your charges, an experienced Skokie criminal lawyer may be able to prove other people had access to your computer, or that a virus or hacker was responsible.

How an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Attorney Matthew R. Gebhardt will thoroughly answer all question you have about the legal process and will work hard to minimize the effects of your charges. In many cases, early intervention can prevent charges from being filed at all, but if charges are inevitable, Attorney Gebhardt will fight aggressively for your future. Contact us today at 773-383-8745 or 847-239-4703.

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