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Defending DUI Charges When Injuries or Accidents are Involved

The State of Illinois considers a DUI which results in an accident or injury a violent crime. This means if you have been charged with driving under the influence with a resulting accident which caused injury or death, you have a serious legal problem. If you have been charged with this crime, it is important to discuss your case with Attorney Matthew R. Gebhardt. Attorney Gebhardt served as a Cook County prosecutor for five years, then became an aggressive advocate for those needing experienced legal representation for criminal offenses. When you need a lawyer who understands your current anxiety over your charges and believes your future is important, your first call should be to our experienced Northbrook, Illinois DUI attorney.

Lake County DUI Charges You May Face

While most DUI offenses are charged as a Class A misdemeanor, for a first or second offense, when you are involved in a DUI with a resulting accident and injuries, you could be charged with a Class 4 felony. Felony convictions have both short and long term consequences however all of them are serious. If the DUI accident resulted in only minor injuries to another—and assuming you have no prior DUI convictions—you may be eligible for court supervision. Such a dispensation of your case would be a victory as your DUI would not appear on your public driving record, is not a conviction and will not affect your driving privileges.

Potential Penalties for DUI with Injury Charges

The penalties associated with DUI with injury are quite severe; if serious injury occurred, you could be facing 1-12 years in prison, a suspension of your driver’s license for 2-5 years and up to $25,000 in fines. If your BAC was 0.16 or higher, you had a child under the age of 16 in the vehicle with you, you did not have a valid driver’s license or you have prior DUI convictions, you could face enhanced penalties. If your DUI accident caused the death of another person, your sentencing could range from 1-12 years, and if two or more people died, your sentence could range from 6-28 years. You are required to serve at least 85% of the actual sentence in such cases.

Aside from the penalties you receive at the hands of the judge, a felony conviction on your record could cause you to have difficulty procuring employment and housing, and could prevent you from obtaining a federal government loan for higher education. You could be barred from obtaining a professional license you may have worked years to achieve and could be banned from owning a firearm. A DUI on your criminal and driving record could cause your insurance rates to skyrocket—if you are able to acquire insurance at all. Matthew R. Gebhardt helps those throughout Illinois minimize the consequences of DUI with injury/accident charges.

How the Right Attorney Can Make a Difference

Attorney Matthew R. Gebhardt has the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully defend clients against aggravated DUI charges. Our Lake County, Illinois DUI attorney is skilled at identifying any “holes” in the case against you, and using inconsistencies in the prosecutor’s case to build a solid defense on your behalf. Matthew R. Gebhardt will work aggressively to protect your freedom and your future. While no one can predict the outcome of a legal case—and while the state has an abundance of resources to use in proving your guilt—you can balance the odds by hiring an attorney who is well-versed in understanding the complex DUI laws of Illinois. Matthew R. Gebhardt is willing to fight on your behalf. Contact Attorney Gebhardt today at 773-383-8745 or 847-239-4703 for a free comprehensive consultation for your case.

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