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Buffalo Grove Attorney Defending Against Charges of Indecent Liberties with a Child

There is little room for error when you have been charged with a sexual offense, since a conviction can bring harsh penalties. A conviction for indecent liberties with a child can result in a lengthy prison sentence, steep fines, and the necessity of registering as a sex offender for life. As a registered sex offender, your life will never again be the same. You will be required to register any time you move to a new state or town with a strict timeframe, and will be closely monitored by local law enforcement. Your choice of employment and housing will be severely limited, and you will not be allowed to live within 1,000 feet of a school, church, daycare, swimming pool, or bus stop.

Because sex crime charges present particular challenges and can be very complex to defend, it is important that the attorney you choose has substantial experience defending those charged with sex crimes. Matthew R. Gebhardt understands the strategies necessary to protect your rights and defend you against the charges. Attorney Gebhardt is highly skilled at the preparation and presentation of effective defenses and will zealously argue for dismissal, acquittal, or reduced charges. Gebhardt will assertively seek to prevent you from having your future altered forever by avoiding a conviction for indecent liberties with a child.

Lake County Charges of Indecent Liberties with a Child

If you have been accused of taking indecent liberties with a child, you and the child are likely the only two witnesses. A child can be a very compelling witness in a courtroom; however, children can be mistaken about what really happened, or they can be coached to make false accusations. One study found that unsubstantiated cases of child abuse and neglect indicate there are serious issues relating to child abuse reporting laws. In this study, the alleged abuse could not be substantiated by child protective services nearly 60% of the time.

Potential Penalties Associated With Indecent Liberties with a Child

If convicted of indecent liberties with a child, you could face fines from $2,500 to $25,000, from a year in jail to a very lengthy prison sentence, mandatory participation in a sex offender treatment program, supervised probation, and required registration as a sex offender from 10 years to life. Because of the severe penalties associated with the crime, you should hire only the most knowledgeable attorney to defend you. Sex offense cases as a whole are unique in many ways, requiring proven defense strategies that only lawyers with many years' experience are capable of delivering.

How a Lake County Sex Crimes Attorney Can Help

If you are facing crimes involving indecent liberties with a child, getting skilled legal advice from a reputable attorney as soon as possible is critical. Attorney Matthew R. Gebhardt will work zealously to have your bail conditions reduced, suppress evidence when warranted, and have your case dismissed when the evidence does not support the charges. Attorney Gebhardt understands there are few accusations more damaging to your reputation than those of indecent liberties with a child. You may already be viewed as guilty, even by friends and family, even when the only "evidence" against you is the word of a child who may not fully understand the charges.

As a skilled defense lawyer and a former prosecutor, Attorney Gebhardt has more than twenty years' experience and a goal of a positive outcome for your case. Even when your charges have no factual basis, you still require an aggressive defense to protect your rights. In fact, in many ways, an innocent person may need an aggressive defense even more than a guilty person. If you are facing charges of indecent liberties with a child, contact Matthew R. Gebhardt today at 773-383-8745 or 847-239-4703 for a free consultation.

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