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Identity Theft

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Identity theft and identity fraud refer to crimes in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another's personal data for economic gain, in a way that involves deception or fraud. In many cases, identity fraud may be tied to the related white collar crimes of mail fraud and credit card fraud. In many situations, a person is charged with illegally obtaining another's Social Security number or other personal information, then using that information to open accounts, secure a mortgage or obtain credit cards in that person's name. Using another's personal information to access existing credit card accounts or bank accounts is also considered identity theft as is using a false ID to provide another person's information to the police when arrested—and leaving an innocent person with a criminal record.

A thorough investigation must be undertaken in order to successfully defend you against charges of identity theft. The The Law Offices of Matthew R. Gebhardt, P.C. can help you with your charges. We want you to know that speaking to an experienced Lake County criminal defense attorney at the earliest possible time can potentially protect and preserve your future. We will promptly obtain all records, determine how solid the evidence against you really is, then use this information in your defense. Whenever possible, Attorney Gebhardt will resolve the issues as soon as possible, in some cases even before charges have been filed against you. As a skilled negotiator and litigator, Matthew R. Gebhardt will defend your charges aggressively and thoroughly.

Various Illinois Identity Theft Charges

The United States Department of Justice estimates that identity theft costs upwards of $13 billion, which is one reason the Illinois penalties for a conviction of identity theft are so severe. Whether you are facing state or federal identity theft charges, the sooner you enlist the aid of an experienced Arlington Heights attorney, the sooner you can address the seriousness of your charges. The state of Illinois has several categories of identity theft charges, including identity theft, aggravated identity theft, and facilitating identity theft. If you are charged with aggravated identity theft, this means the crime was committed during a gang activity, against a person older than the age of sixty or against a disabled person.

Penalties for Charges of Identify Theft

Under Illinois law, identity theft is a felony; as the value of the theft increases, the penalties will become more serious. At the low end, where the value of the money, credit, property or goods obtained are not more than $300, your crime could nevertheless be charged as a felony and you could face up to three years in the Illinois state penitentiary and be subject a fine as large as $25,000. Theft of goods, services, money, credit or property in the amount of $301 to $10,000 or more can be charged as a Class 3, Class 2 or Class X felony and can carry prison sentences as short as one year or as long as thirty years in addition to fines up to $25,000. If you have a prior criminal history, you may be subject to more severe penalties.

Getting the Help You Need From an Attorney

Matthew R. Gebhardt understands the complexities associated with your charges of identity theft and will do everything in his powers to minimize the consequences of those charges. Our Buffalo Grove criminal defense attorney worked as a Cook County prosecutor for five years and has over two decades of criminal defense experience. When your future and your reputation are at stake, contact Matthew R. Gebhardt today for a free consultation by calling 773-383-8745 or 847-239-4703.

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