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Highland Park, Illinois suspended driver’s license defense attorney Matthew R. Gebhardt represents clients charged with driving with a suspended drivers license in Highland Park, Illinois and throughout Lake County. Highland Park attorney Matthew R Gebhardt discusses what options you may have in court.

Driving with a suspended license is typically a misdemeanor in Highland Park, Illinois. There are some aggravating circumstances that can cause it to become a felony, however. Either way, this charge can seriously jeopardize your driving privileges, lead to a lengthened suspension, and may even lead to jail time.

The best way to defend this charge in Highland Park, Illinois is to attempt to resolve the issue(s) that originally caused the suspension. At the Law Offices of Matthew R. Gebhardt, P.C., we can examine your driving record to determine why your license was suspended and if there is an opportunity to remedy the problem. In some cases, there are many problems on your record that have caused the suspension, and you should attempt to remedy as many as possible.

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