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Lake County Juvenile Offenses

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Lake County Juvenile Crimes Your Child Could be Charged With

The most common juvenile crime is theft, or shoplifting. Other common juvenile crimes include:

Perhaps the one crime that most juveniles and parents lack information about is “sexting.” A young person can be arrested and charged with a felony—even child pornography—for taking a photo or video of themselves in a sexually explicit situation, then sharing it with their boyfriend/girlfriend or others via a phone or computer. In rarer cases, your child could be charged with a more adult crime such as solicitation, rape, attempted murder, weapons offenses, burglary or sexual assault. Attorney Gebhardt understands just how stressful these charges are, and will do his best to alleviate your fears regarding the outcome of your child’s charges.

Negative Consequences Associated With Juvenile Offenses 

There are a number of adverse, far-reaching implications associated with adjudication for a juvenile offense, including the following:

  • In some cases future employers may be able to access Illinois juvenile records.
  • If your child’s juvenile arrest record is not expunged or sealed, the information may end up as public knowledge.
  • If your child decides at a later date to join the military, his or her juvenile record may prohibit that decision.

Juvenile Offense Lawyer Aggressively Protecting Your Child’s Future

Facing criminal charges is frightening, even for the most hardened adult. Imagine how much more intimidating an arrest is for a juvenile. What you, as a parent, do immediately following your child’s arrest can make the difference between a future which is forever altered and the opportunity to learn from a bad decision. It is extremely important that you not allow your child to be pressured into pleading guilty to a juvenile offense. Attorney Gebhardt will work aggressively to preserve your child’s record, with a goal of allowing them to walk away from the charges with minimal long-term effects. Attorney Matthew R. Gebhardt will stand by your child’s side, advocating strongly for his or her rights. Contact Attorney Gebhardt today for a free consultation—and answers to the questions you have concerning your child’s charges—at 773-383-8745 or 847-239-4703.

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