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Mother Files Civil Suit in Hazing Incident

 Posted on November 27, 2013 in Illinois attorney

The Encarta Dictionary defines hazing and the "persecution or torture of a person in a subordinate position, especially a first-year military academy cadet or a fraternity pledge." According to a CBS Chicago report, that is just what the mother of a Plano basketball player said happened to her son.

Five students attending Plano High School have been charged with sexual assault and battery over incidents that are considered hazing. This particular incident took place in February when the basketball player told his mother that he had been assaulted. He stated that other members of the basketball team sodomized him.

Subsequently, the mother of the student filed a civil suit against the Plano School District 88. After a lengthy investigation, it was also revealed that two football players had the same thing happen to them. They both stated that it was considered a part of becoming a member of the team.

Five of the students that were investigated were charged with criminal sexual assault for penetrating the students, aggravated battery for striking the students, and unlawful restraint for holding them down. Four of the five students were charged with one incident each. The fifth student is suspected of penetrating all three of the student athletes.

Students have reported that they have seen these incidents taking place in the locker rooms. It is not known at this time how many students have experienced this kind of initiation.

Hazing has been deemed illegal by many different schools for good reason. Schools are supposed to keep your children safe. If you or your juvenile child has been accused of breaking the law, an aggressive Illinois criminal defense attorney can ensure that you receive the proper representation from the time that you are taken into custody for questioning. Many people make the mistake of cooperating with law enforcement but they are attempting to make a case against you.

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