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false conviction, Lake County criminal defense attorneyHow can a jury be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that a person committed a murder with which they actually had nothing to do? In some cases, false assumptions, conclusions, and testimony on the part of law enforcement and government officials can convince a jury, along with, of course, the “evidence” of a false confession obtained under very questionable circumstances. Such seems to have been the case for a man convicted in Lake County more than 15 years ago. Recently exonerated, he has now filed a suit against the police and county officials who built the false case against him.

Confession, Conviction, Identification, Exoneration

In 1999, an unidentified woman’s body was found in forest preserve near Waukegan. According to the State’s forensic pathologist at the time, the woman had been abused and died from blunt force trauma less than 12 hours before her body was found. Following intense questioning, the man confessed to inflicting some of the injuries found on the woman’s body. He was subsequently convicted of murder in 2000 and began serving a 46-year prison sentence.

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