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prosecutor, election, Skokie criminal defense attorneyRegardless of how you may feel about the subject, the reality in Illinois is that, sometimes, politics and criminal law directly affect one another. On certain levels, of course, you probably realize this to be true, as representatives, senators, and governors must be elected before they can draft legislation, amend and vote on bills, and enact new laws. Politics and public opinion can also directly impact the application of the law, as many other positions within the government are also filled by popular election. Using the power of the vote this week, the people of Cook County have spoken by voting out incumbent Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, effectively deciding that it is time for a new chief prosecutor.

Role of the State’s Attorney

Cook County, Illinois, is the largest consolidated court district in the entire United States, serving a population of more than 5.2 million residents. The Cook County State’s Attorney is tasked with representing the people of Illinois in prosecuting crimes committed within the jurisdiction of the county court. The State’s Attorney’s Office operates as a branch of county government and currently employs more than 900 Assistant State’s Attorneys who help in the prosecution of criminal activity throughout the county’s six municipal districts.  State’s Attorneys are elected by popular vote to a term of four years.


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permit, RDP, MDDP, Lake County Criminal Defense AttorneyWhen you have lost your driving privileges due to a conviction on charges of driving under the influence (DUI), your life can be greatly affected. You may struggle with maintaining employment, continuing your education, and even caring for family members in need. Depending upon the circumstances of your case, however, you may be eligible for partial relief in the form of a Monitoring Device Driving Permit or a Restricted Driving Permit which may allow you to resume some of your normal activities.

Monitoring Device Driving Permits

The state of Illinois offers two different forms of driving relief for those whose driving privileges have been suspended or revoked related to a DUI. The first is called a Monitoring Device Driving Permit, or MDDP, which is available for almost all first-time offenders during the period of statutory summary suspension for failing or refusing a chemical test for blood alcohol content. The MDDP allows a driver to operate a vehicle at any time, in any place, as long the vehicle is properly equipped with a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID). The MDDP, however, must be surrendered upon conviction on DUI charges, as the conviction typically results in the revocation of driving privileges, not just a suspension.

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