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robbery, Lake County criminal defense lawyerFor many people, the temptation is simply too great. They go into a fast-food restaurant or other establishment with a self-service soda fountain, and order ice water with their meal. When they think no one is looking, they fill their water cup with soda or tea, effectively saving themselves the cost of a soft drink. While most realize that such actions are not exactly condoned, they would probably not expect to face serious criminal charges as a result. For one young man in Arkansas, that is almost exactly what happened.

How It Happened

According to news reports, a trio of young men ordered large cups of water from McDonald’s in Springdale, Arkansas, last month. The group then parked, entered the restaurant, dumped out the water, and filled the cups with soda from a self-serve station. The store manager confronted the group, and two of the individuals complied with his request to dispose of the stolen drinks. The third, however, fled the store and jumped into the car.


shoplifting, retail theft, Lake County criminal defense attorneyWhile shoplifting may seem to be a rather victimless crime—the offense affects a corporation, rather than the livelihood of an immediate person—shoplifting is in fact a crime that affects us all, from law enforcement to retail managers to the legal system. Dealing with small or misdemeanor crimes such as retail theft costs money and time for communities from the ground up. And with more than 27 million shoplifters nationwide (that comes down to about one in every 11 people across the country), it is no small problem.

Surprising Statistics

Contrary to popular opinion, adults actually shoplift more than kids: three-quarters of all shoplifters are adults at the time of the alleged incident, though more than half of these admit to having begun shoplifting in their teenage years. Methods for shoplifting vary, but it is common that a person would buy something at the same time that he or she shoplifts, which some researchers say is thought to be a “cover” for these thieves. The crime is difficult to pinpoint, however, in part because the vast majority of these incidents are not pre-meditated; 73 percent of adult and 72 percent of young shoplifters report that they did not plan to steal in advance.

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